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Παιδική Γωνιά

οδηγό παρασίτων για τα παιδιά

pest guide for kids

Learn about bugs’ special abilities and what makes them so pesty! Browse through the A-Z list of pests, then take one of the Quizzes to see how well you know your bugs!

pest guide for kids


The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) created a children’s eBook series that teaches kids and parents about bugs, entomology, and the pest management profession. Join Millie in the series as she helps her dad solve pest problems!

read the pestworld ebooks


Get inspired by these fun bug-themed arts and crafts projects!

critter crafts


Watch Season 1 & 2 of Pest Quest, where you’ll discover more about insects, rodents, and small wildlife with the junior scientists!

pest quest episodes


How well do you know your pests? Test your Pest I.Q. with these fun quizzes!

pest IQ

Report Writing

School report writing

Need to write a report for your Science class? Use these 10 steps to draft a paper, create a public service announcement, or make a digital slideshow for a small group project!

school report writing

Science Fair Kits

science fair kits

Need help coming up with a Science Fair Project idea? Download these handy kits and start thinking like a scientist!

science fair project ideas


Coloring Sheets


We have fun coloring sheets for kids to color with crayons, paints or markers. This download includes a Bee, Beehive and Butterfly.

printable bug coloring pages